IRC 2015





  IRC 62nd Session – Tallin May 2015

This year, thanks to the invitation of the Estonian Broadcasting Company, IRC will explore Talliin.

Public listening session will be held at Radiohouse…. 35 Radios from 5 continents are participating with or without a delegate. Scroll down the list to have an overview of the works presented.

Country Name Work Year
Argentina SZEWACH Julieta Bishmaia Hanajpachapi 2013
Argentina KASEM María Cristina Pacha Mama 2011
Australia BROADSTOCK Brenton Never Truly Lost 2013
Austria AMANN Thomas hands, yard, infinity 2013
Austria WOZNY Joanna stairs 2013
Bulgaria TABAKOVA Dobrinka Fantasie Homage to Schubert 2013
China – Hong-Kong CHAN Kai-Young Shimmers the Shivery Moon 2013
China – Hong-Kong PANG Chun-ting As Snow 2012
China – Hong-Kong Wu Guanqing Chris La Ronde 2011
Croatia DRAKULIC Sanja United We Stand, Divided We Fall 2012
Croatia BAN Bianca Event Horizon 2013
Denmark CHRISTENSEN Christian Winther Chromatische Weltmusik (ohne fremde Elemente) 2013
Estonia SINK Madli Marje Hugo Gulbrandt, Army Veteran ?
Estonia LILL Märt-Matis The Pressure of Polaris 2014
Finland AUVINEN Antti Orior 2012
France TEJERA Januibe Todo Mezclado 2013
France HUDRY David Introduction à Idavöllr 2013
Germany HURT Leopold Seuring | Schalter 2012
Germany ABLINGER Peter Santi Giovanni e Paolo 2012
Hungary BELLA Máté Trance 2013
Hungary TORNYAI Péter Monochrome 2013
Iceland KRISTINSSON Gunnar Andreas Sisyfos, concerto for clarinet and 13 instr. 2013
Iceland HJALMARSSON Þráinn Influence of buildings on musical tone 2013
Ireland BENNET Ed Freefalling 2013
Ireland CLARKE Rhona Shift 2013
Italy TADINI Michele …Je vous en Prix 2013
Italy GARDELLA Federico Mano d’erba 2011
Italy CASALE Emanuele a Victor Hudo Daza 2006
Latvia ŠMITE Gundega Out of the Haze of Silence 2011
Latvia AUZNIEKS Krists I Exist As I Am 2013
Lithuania ŽIŪKAITĖ Raimonda PRIME GALAXY 2012
Lithuania ŠERKŠNYTĖ Raminta FIRES 2010
Mexico LOMBERA Aldo Sabores de mi tierra 2013
Mexico PEREZ SANTIAGO Felipe Red Antisocial 2011
Mexico AMAYA Luis Fernando Obsesión 11 2012
Netherlands ROUKENS Joey Scenes from an old Memory Box 2010
Netherlands KYRIAKIDES Yannis Words and Song Without Words 2012
Poland NOWAK Aleksander Chicks and Robot for accordion, megaphone and orchestra 2013
Poland KWIECINSKI Andrzej Canzon de’ baci 2012
Portugal GOMES Pedro Faria Returning 2010
Russia UMANSKY Kirill Poème lyrique 2013
Russia AKBALKAN Yuri Realization 1: orchestra & Euler’s Tables 2013
Slovenia BAJZELJ Tomaž Turbulenca sence / Turbulence of a Shadow 2013
Slovenia LOY Steven Tathātā 2013
Sweden STAERN Benjamin Sånger av bländvit kärlek (Songs of Dazzingly White Love) (Text: Karin Boye) 2008-2013
Switzerland CORRALES Arturo Folk You 2010
Switzerland MOREAU Benoît Encre et trompette 2013
Taiwan R.O.C. LEE Chihchun Chi-sun Dance Fusion 2012
Taiwan R.O.C. JUANG Wen Ta The Sound of Austronesian 2011
Taiwan R.O.C. CHEN Chiung-Yu Wind Quintet No.2 2010