Radio Universidad Nacional LM


Radio Universidad Nacional LM is the Public Radio channel of the National University. It has an active audience composed largely by university students, experimental artists, academic staff as well as general public (since it is based at the largest county of Buenos Aires with 2 million inhabitants), and the avant garde profile of its Online Radio Channel reaches people from all over the Americas.
During the weekends, the program Abya Yala (the original indigenous name of the Americas) brings together traditional music of our continent, works arised from the avant-garde fields of experimentation and research on new technologies and composition done at the National university as well as the selected works of the International Rostrum of Composers.

Works presented 2017

Fortunato Andrés                   Oquetlupuc
Mandolini Ricardo                 Metamorfosis de una crisàlida


Works presented 2016

ENRIQUE Annabella           Cuando la luna descendia a la tierra

NICOLETTI Juan Pablo      Qhapaqkunap

Works presented 2015

ORTIZ Pablo               And all the phonies go mad with joy…

VINAO Ezequiel        Sirocco Dust