ABC Classic FM is Australia’s national classical music network. The network is committed to supporting and presenting music-making by Australian artists around the country on the main FM and digital station, on the Classic 2 web station, and via streaming and other services on the ABC Classic FM website –

ABC Classic FM presents new music, both Australian and international, across the schedule in daytime flow programs and in evening concerts alongside music from the entire classical canon. EBU concerts feature regularly in our Evening programs alongside our own recordings of Australian classical music of all shapes and sizes from the performances of our symphony orchestras in mainstage concert halls to experimental musicians performing in bars, galleries, the outdoors, and in ABC studios.

Dedicated new music programming occurs in relation to particular festival broadcasts and radio events (such as Australian Music Month in November, and annual broadcasts of recordings from the International Rostrum of Composers) as well as online in the weekly New Waves Podcast program of new Australian music.

Works presented 2017

Gunn Wally                              Pinwheel
Milliken Cathy                         Earth plays II: Epidauros
Whale Marcus                         Frontier

Works presented 2016

SKIPWORHT Lachlan      Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

ABBOTT Katy                     Re-echo

ARONOWICZ Andrew      Strange Alchemy

Works presented 2015

AHUO-HSIN Annie Hsieh    Into the Outer

Altman, Brooks, Mayas       Goossens 2