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“Christo Botev” is the Arts & Culture Channel of the Bulgarian National Radio. Named after Christo Botev, a Bulgarian national revolutionary and genius poet (“Bulgarian Sándor Petöfi”), it is devoted to all the cultural fields broadcasting programs on art, literature, theater, science, music. It is the only Bulgarian radio channel which broadcasts entire operas. It happens every Saturday night, the time of the famous Metropolitan matinees which are regularly live broadcast on “Christo Botev”.
On weekdays there are two main time slots for different types of “serious” music: two-hour broadcasts at 7.30 pm and one-hour broadcasts at 11.00 pm (EET). The evening time is devoted to Euroradio classical music concerts; anniversaries of great Bulgarian and international musicians; contemporary and early music; today’s music life in Bulgaria; live broadcasts of BNR SO concerts (Monday to Friday respectively). The hour just before midnight is devoted to contemporary improvised music; baroque & rock; choral music; jazz; Bulgarian performers/opera in a pocket edition, etc.
The “Christo Botev” Channel is also an organizer of music events held at the BNR’s Concert Studio and broadcast live featuring young musicians, contemporary music, jazz etc.

Presented Woks 2017

Panayotov Milen                    Un pezzo assoluto (Program Notes)
Yossifov Dragomir                …van…  (Program Notes)

Presented Works 2016

KERKELOV Peter               Time Études

Presented Works 2015

PETROF Peter                     Canto trieste
GEORGIEV Martin           Percussion Concerto No. 3 Genesis