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Kulturradio addresses all Berliners and Brandenburgers, who prefer classical music and take a profound interest in the cultural affairs of the region. The programme’s cultural concept is a broad one including traditional as well as the modern international culture, which is particularly creative and vibrant in Berlin and evolving continuously. The variety of the cultural landscape of Brandenburg further enriches the programme output. Be it music, art, fine arts, literature or social topics, kulturradio offers a debating culture and topical radio entertainment and fosters the original art of radio in features and radio drama. kulturradio is synonymous with classical music and culture in an up to date concept.

Works presented 2017

Art-Oliver Simon                                 Estado (Thema 5)

Works presented 2016

ODEH-TAMIMI Samir                   Adád für Schalmei und Akkordeon

Works presented 2015

BIEGAI Christian                             Quartet