Hong Kong SAR


Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is the public broadcaster of Hong Kong est in 1928, operated as an independent government department under the Communications Authority.

RTHK operates seven radio channels, three television channels, and produces television programmes that are then broadcast through local television stations in Hong Kong. While it is government funded, it has a reputation for maintaining editorial independence. RTHK produces and broadcasts educational, entertainment and public affairs programmes. Since 2006, there has been debate whether or not to transform RTHK into a public corporation.

R4 logo

Radio 4 is the only fine music channel in Hong Kong. Except Western classical music, Radio 4 also broadcast Chinese music, Jazz music, Modern music and world music. In 2009, RTHK founded the RTHK Quartet to promote chamber music in Hong Kong.

Works presented 2017

NG Chun-hoi Daniel                 Prelude II (Wuxing Interation)
NG Ka-chun Ian                        Hop Out and Shuffle Away
WONG Chun-wai                       Clouds in Twilight

Works presented 2016

CHEN Yeung Ping                 The Moon in La Jolla

TAM Ka Shu                             Tam-tam Sonata

Works presented 2015

CHAN Chin-ting                    Time, unfolding

CHEN Chi-wai Jason          Global Warning

LAM Kin-yee                          The Dragon of Pan-Cumulus