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In January 2016 Radio Latvia 3 ‘Klasika’ will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Radio Latvia 3 ‘Klasika’ is the only one classical music radio station in Latvia which offers classical, contemporary, world and jazz music, cultural broadcasts and news.

This channel provides Latvian original music and music performed by Latvian musicians at concert halls and at Radio Latvia Studio 1. Since 1st January 1993 Radio Latvia is the member of Euroradio (European Broadcasting Union) and requests many concerts and operas abroad to broadcast them live or deferred. Simultaneously Radio Latvia 3 ‘Klasika’ actively promotes Latvian musicians abroad and takes part in many music exchange projects prepared togather with other members of Euroradio.
Radio Latvia is a public service broadcasting network of Latvia and was founded on 1st November 1925. Since 2002 Radio Latvia broadcasts five different stadions on the FM band and the internet.

Presented Works 2017

Aleksandravičus Armands     In hac spe vivo
Dzenītis Andris                         Langsam

Presented Works 2016

Santa Ratniece             Nada el layli (Dewdrops at Night)

Linda Leimane             Silhouettes. Behaviours

Ruta Paidere                  Ancient Wind

Presented Works 2015

SKUKE Evija           Ainulindalë