Founded in 1925, Polish Radio is the largest public radio in Poland. Polish Radio broadcasts on 4 national channels (Channel I, Channel II, Channel III and Channel IV) reaching the entire nation. It has also an external service broadcasting in 6 foreign languages. Apart from the news, Polish Radio broadcasts original music programmes, journalistic and popular scientific programmes as well as ones on education, health, entertainment and religion. Polish Radio’s programming also offers radio plays and commentaries which win prestigious awards in Poland and abroad.
On October 1 2013, Polish Radio launched the digital broadcasting services (DAB+).

Works presented 2017

Strzelec Szymon Stanisław           L’Atelier de sensorité
Zagajewski Artur                               brut

Works presented 2016

Marta Śniady                                     aer

Sławomir Wojciechowski        Matter of Choice – orchestral version

Works presented 2015

DUCHNOWSKI Cezary           Parallels

LASKOWSKI Mikołaj               The tiger left me unsatisfied

SZMYTKA Jagoda                      Greetings from a doppelgänger