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Antena 2 is a public radio channel in Portugal, and broadcasts essentially music, mainly classical but also jazz, world music, new age, blues and experimental music. An important part of programming however is devoted to other cultural areas including literature, science, dance, theater and visual arts.

On the weekends it features programs regarding different music areas like new age, electronics, crossover, early music, opera, sacred music, blues and we recover the best programs from our archive. There are also biographical interviews, a general culture magazine and a radio play (theatre) every two months.

Finally, every year, during 6 months, the Prémio Jovens Músicos (Young Musicians Prize) is produced and presented by Antena 2 as the most important annual music competition in Portugal.
It has approximately 250 competitors in nine classes of instruments, involving students of the major conservatories and music schools in the country. The final outcome is a three-day festival in Autumn, in partnership with the most relevant institutions and orchestras of the Portuguese musical panorama.

Prsented Works 2017

Gonçalo Gato                  Vacuum Instability

Presented Works 2016

Nuno Costa                         Pater Noster

Pedro Amaral                     Transmutations pour orchestre – La bibliothèque en feu

Presented Works 2015

CEITIL Joao                     ChacoN

DA ROCHA Nuno          O que será do rio without John Cage?

SILVA Igor C.                   You Should Be Blind to Watch TV