Swedish Radio P2 broadcasts classical and contemporary music as well as jazz and folk music. Contemporary music is presented regularly in various music programmes.

Swedish Radio broadcasts news and current affairs in Swedish and a number of minority and immigrant languages. We cover: popular and classical music; social debate; children’s programming; culture; sport; drama; entertainment; public information; traffic reports and the weather. We broadcast around the clock over four nationwide domestic FM channels and some ten web-only channels. All programmes are available archived and on demand 24 hours a day for 30 days following the original FM broadcast. In Sweden alone, approximately 4 million people listen to Swedish Radio every day. Our listeners abroad can visit us online www.sverigesradio.se

Presented Works 2017

Zhibaj Andreas              Viola Concerto “Ithaca”

Presented Works 2016

Lina Järnegard               Emellanåt, stundom

Cristian Marina              Four on Five

Presented Works 2015

SCHNELZER Albert – Tales from Suburbia