Windows on the World: Nika Pasuri – Georgia

Nika Pasuri – Blooooooooooooom

Nika Pasuri, born 1990 in Tbilisi, Georgia, raised in family of musicians and in musical atmosphere, he was introduced to classical literature, music and arts at early stages, although not fond of them in childhood it left a strong mark on him and fueled his interests towards arts later in his teens. Growing up in post-soviet surroundings was challenging, with criminalized streets and no infra-structure after war. Loss of cultural identity while in political transfer from soviet system to capitalist tendencies. This kind of chaotic environment exposed him to different artistic subcultures, social groups and lifestyles – from streets to high academy art – friends with different interests affected him and his perception of the world, showed and introduced him to different disciplinary fields. He was exploring all genres of music – sleepless nights and record listening through his teenage years were his main interest and it was one of the best and the most profound musical and life experiences of his life. Through this kind of transformations he went from punk and trash music to getting to know artists and avant-garde musicians such as Stockhausen and John Zorn, moving from simplest of genres to more complex ones, gradually attuning his ear and my musical perception, but conversely enough around his 18’s-20’s his first university entrance was in art management and business, spending 2 years of his life battling the discipline which he didn’t want to be part of. Quickly reestablishing his interests in music he started self-practice of music theory and solfege. With little external help in 2012 he became student of composition at Tbilisi state Conservatory with high entry grades and full scholarship. During the first two years of being in the Conservatory, he made academic and carrier progress, he was establishing himself as a theater and film composer, which resulted in numerous theater and ballet commissions/productions across theaters in Georgia and abroad. Among several theatrical awards, in 2014 he won the first prize in national chamber opera competition in Tbilisi, also in summer of 2014 he moved to Norway and continued he’s second part of bachelor studies in composition at Norwegian Academy of Music. He will conclude his bachelor studies in June 2016