On Sunday 11/12 the Thallein Ensemble from Birmigham, conducted by Daniele Rosina, played a wonderful Rostrum+ concert.

Four young composers present their last creations, or – this is the case of Peter Kerkelov – the work with which he won the International Rostrum Of Composers in the Under 30 Category. Previously, this high distinction was awarded, among others, to Luciano Berio Henri Dutilleux (1955), Benjamin Britten (1961), György Kurtág (1983), Benoît Mernier (1990) and Pascal Dusapin (1998).
The works of the four young composers were interpreted by the Ensemble Thallein. In close collaboration with the “Integra” project cf the Birmingham Conservatory, which aims to create, backup and disseminate a series of original compositions for ensemble and live electronics. This project started while the musicians of the ensemble were all students. After some years of research, the project encountered international success. Their concerts are devoted to the works of living composers and creations of students and professors cf the composition department of the conservatory. 

Three composers (Cresswell, Kerkelov and Levy) were present and they had the opportunity to present their work directly to the audience.

The concert started with Shade Studies (2014), a short piece for piano and live sound design of the American composer Samuel Adams (1985, San Francisco). This work, described as
“Fascinating” by the New York Times and “Singularly seductive” by the San Francisco Chronicle, was composed for the American pianist Sarah Cahill in honor of the 80th birthday of
American composer Terry Riley. Samuel Adams mixes improvisation with traditional musical forms. By using micro-intervals and noise, he evokes a strange, unreal atmosphere that recalls the minimalist works of his father, the composer John Adams. Samuel Adams studied composition and electro-acoustics at the university of Stanford and has already worked for Carnegie Hall, San Francisco Symphony and New York World Symphony.

Then, place at Attempt at Screaming of the Bulgarian composer Peter Kerkelov (1984, Plovdiv). He has composed this work in 2011 for the Asko | Schönberg Ensemble. ” For me, shouting symbolizes a powerful desire to discover virgin territories at the of ourselves “explains Peter Kerkelov. In 2012, Attempt at Screaming won the International Rostrum of Composers in
The Under 30 category . Kerkelov composed his first pieces at the age of sixteen. He was admitted in 2003 to the composition class of Professor Dimitar Tapkov and graduated with the highest distinction at National Music University of Bucharest (Romania). Peter Kerkelov has received scholarships from British Music Society and the Wagner Society. 

The concert continued with the latest creation of Emily Levy (1980), British singer, composer and songwriter. On his album Zoetroping released In 2016, we find dynamic sounds and rhythms influenced by popular music, jazz, medieval music and flamenco. On these bases, it builds delicate and subtle phrases that take flight in the course of fascinating performances sceniques. On stage, lady-singer and guitarist Emily Levy creates layers of sound effects that merge harmoniously. Zoetroping is inspired by the three-dimensional sculptures of contemporary artist Mat Collishaw (the “zootropes”) to explore the idea of simple consecutive movements. Emily Levy has directed works for BBC Radio 4, Oxford Youth Choirs, Marian Consort and Volice Trio. His first solo album, Lost and Found, was released in 2012. 

The last piece was a premiere of the inner workings of a throat exposed for alto violin and ensemble, composed by Chris Cresswell at the beginning of the year. Cresswell was inspired by the poem Brown acre of the American poet Monica Youn: “A form that should have been a emblem of sufficiency, of calm, but whose surfaces were teeming with a turbulent rush of particles like the inner workings of a throat exposed, and whose dimensions were expanding with shocking speed, accumulating Mass, accumulating coherence… “. Chris Cresswell is described as a composer as “eclectic as it is productive”. It is said of his music that it presents “arrangements of colors and textures in perpetual evolution”. As a composer, guitarist, songwriter, artist and “defender of the arts”, Cresswell feels himself in front of an orchestra and a mixing table.

The musical direction is entrusted to Daniele Rosina (° 1979). He studied with Michael Harris and direction in the class of Andrew Mogrelia and Edwin Roxburgh of the Birmingham Conservatory. As a student, he had the opportunity to direct big ensembles such as the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Today, he regularly performs as guest conductor with the Queens Park Sinfonia, the San Fransisco Ballet, the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra and The Birmingham Bach Choir.With Thallein Ensemble  he wants to highlight new works of young composers. In addition to Takemitsu, Tan Dun, Ivor McGregor, Sir Harisson Birtwistle, Thomas Adès, Pierre Boulez and Luciano Berio, he has contributed to the creation of more than thirty contemporary works.