The WFMT Radio Network is a non-profit creator, marketer and distributor of audio programs about arts and culture that are made available to radio stations and other platforms in the United States (with 350+ current main station affiliates) and the world (Network programs are heard in more than 50 countries). The network syndicates the inspired media through the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and at
The WFMT Network is experienced in working in a variety of formats including: concert series, host-driven thematic programs, documentaries, podcasts, modular programs, live concerts, and overnight/hourly hosted music radio services. These series present global radio partnerships and exchanges with members of the European Broadcasting Union, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and other leading arts radio networks and stations around the world.

WFMT Radio Network’s contemporary music program Relevant Tones features composers from around the world and established festivals like Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Warsaw Autumn while covering new and local showcases like Chicago’s Ear Taxi Festival.


Works presented 2017

Shih-Wei Lo                        Madhye II
Anthony Vine                      In a Forest of Standing Mirrors
Molly Joyce                          Rave