To enhance the capacity of radio producers to deal with the new challenges of their work in contemporary music, and to allow them to explore possibilities and develop solutions, the Rostrum+ project has developed a series of activities targeting professi
onal development.
Previously to establishing workshop themes, IMC researched the needs of radio professionals: first in 2012, through a written survey, and then in 2014 through a brainstorming session with radio professionals from 30+ countries, including the partner
organisations of this proposal. The themes chosen represent the preoccupations of the sector today and include such issues as the potential of digital technology, the upswing in internet radio and streaming, and ageing audiences.
On the basis of one themedworkshop per year, professionals will examine three issues:

1. Social media and new technologies in the radio environment (2015)
2. Interaction between radio presenters and listeners (2016)
3. Radio crafts and programming (2017)

Building on these workshops, radio professionals will extend their learning through expert presentations on job-related topics such as new trends in broadcasting and music listening; non-moderated “open mic” exchange sessions on the daily work of radio producers; and interviews with composers.
This will have added relevance in 2016, during the European Forum on Music as mentioned above. Bringing together the participants and audiences of both events, one panel of the EFM will be dedicated to a Rostrum+ related theme. Topics can address such themes as the world of broadcast, audience attraction, or other issues identified by contemporary music professionals as vital to their sector.