Rostrum+WaveLabGreenIRCLab is an unprecedented activity in which radio producers will be invited to experiment innovative approaches to present contemporary compositions to the public and allow them to interact with the music. For each edition of Rostrum+, a call will go out beforehand to radio producers asking for proposals for this activity.

Selected proposals will allow radio professionals to test new ways to link contemporary music and audience through radio in absolute freedom.


The Voice(s) of Polish Radio a special event that will bring contemporary music close to the public. The composer Jagoda Szmytka will present in an interactive way hers and other new music works to the public in a live radio broadcast. Join us at NFM on Friday 20 May at 12:00.


Estonian Music Scene Come to ERR Radio House to experience an unique interactive overview of the classical music scene in Estonia!

13.05.2015 – 17.00,
ERR Radio House,
Gonsiori 21,
Tallinn, Estonia