IRCLive is a series of 16 concerts.

During the nearly 4 years of the Rostrum+ project, student ensembles from the partner conservatoires (Belgrade, Birmingham and Palermo) will present a performance once each at Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels (BOZAR). Each performance will showcase three works: one from the “historic” IRC catalogue (over 5 years back), one from the recent IRC catalogue (within the past 5 years) and one student composition written for this purpose. The choice of compositions and development of performances will be steered by the Director of BOZAR MUSIC, through an initial one-day workshop at the conservatoire and continued monitoring throughout the academic year.

BOZAR MUSIC’s Director will work with the students and academic staff to develop a compelling programme that conceptually links these different works from different periods, with an eye to the BOZAR audience. His participation represents a unique opportunity for students to learn how to create a concert programme, and constitutes a fruitful exchange between the music market and the educational institution preparing the professionals of tomorrow.

As part of Rostrum+ audience development, these performances will feature pre-, in- between and after-concert talks with musicians, music specialists and/or composers.

Moreover, the three partner conservatoires will select each year, at least one composition for the recent (within the past 5 years) IRC catalogue and study it in preparation of a local public performance by the end of the academic year.

Through this action, 9 concerts featuring an average of 10 musicians each will be recorded and streamed on partner websites and the Rostrum+ website.

2016 will see an extra concert take place at the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw by the student ensemble from the Wroclaw Academy of Music. The city will be hosting another major music event that year: the European Forum on Music (EFM), a recipient of European network support. The European Music Council and IMC will work together to coordinate a connection between the two events, with the result that the EFM and a number of Rostrum+ activities will overlap for a few days. This allows for a synergy to be created, bringing together the participants and audiences of both events.

The compositions that were commissioned to the young composers in the framework of IRCCreate, will be performed by Ensemble NEO and recorded live by Swedish Radio.


18 March – Thallein Ensemble Performs Yannis Kyriakides