I have often seen the Rostrum referred as the UNESCO Rostrum of Composers in printed publications, CD booklets and websites. What is the relationship the IRC has with this organization?

Unfortunately there are many wrong informations out there. UNESCO is not involved in any way with the Rostrum. The International Music Council who organizes the Rostrum is an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO. This might be an element of confusion.

I am a composers. Can I submit my works?

In light of the Rostrum’s special nature, only broadcasting organizations may enter works for the Rostrum, not composers

I am a radio producer. How can I represent my country?

Have a look at the Rules of Procedure. If you think your radio can meet the requirements, do not hesitate to contact us

I have a webradio. Can I participate?

Although the Rostrum is intended for National Public Broadcasters, we are happy to open it to others as far as they can fulfill the requirements and no other radio from their country is already participating. Please contact us!

Can I attend the Listening Sessions?

The Listening Sessions are a working meeting for radio producers so we do not open them to general public. However, a series of public events are organised for each edition and you can come to the radio to listen to the works presented through IRCSound

What if nobody from my radio can attend?

The delegate can be whoever (eg. a composer) is allowed by the Broadcasting Organization to be its representative. Otherwise there is also the possibility to participate without a delegate.

Please refer to the Rules of Procedures for more information.

How many radios/delegates can participate from the same country?

Participation at IRC is limited at one delegate per country. If more radios from the same country want to participate, they should have agreement on the person to be sent to represent them. The same agreement should consider the time allowance of 30 minutes per country.

How do I know if I am among the winners of the Listen, Vote, Win?

Winners will be contacted 4 weeks after the end of the vote. Be patient!

I really like your project, can I become a Partner?

The Rostrum+ project is a 3 year co-funded project in the framework of the Creative Europe Programme. Therefore, we cannot finance other partners at this stage. On the other hand, there are many other funding possibilities, and we would be delighted to evaluate any kind of proposal for the future of project itself.


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