IRC Create: Matej Bonin in Piteå

Matej Bonin (Slovenia) was the selected composer in the Under-30 category at IRC2015. Thanks to the Rostrum+ project, he was able to visit Piteå, Sweden where he met the NEO Ensemble for which he will compose a work co commissioned by the International Music Council and the Swedish Radio.

Concert Hall Matej Bonin Maritahenningdotter Lovnér FOTO Pär Freij

He spent some time to feel the atmosphere, talk and socialize with the musicians and imagine what musical possibilities they can offer him.

Evert van Berkel Matej Bonin Robert Ek FOTO Pär Freij

At the same time he was invited to give a lecture about his music and his work as a composer to the students of the Norrbotten International Music Centre.

Prof Jan Sandström Student x Matej Bonin FOTO Pär Freij

“For me as a composer, one of the priorities, has always been the personal contact with the musicians”