IRCEdu: Belgrade 2015-2016

In the framework of IRCEdu, students from the Belgrade Faculty of Arts have been studying and analyzing work from the IRC catalogue of selected and recommended works. During the academic year the team of teachers has worked to bring the Rostrum history and works closer to the students.

After analyzing the scores of composers took from the Rostrum catalogue, they decided to suggest the work Chartres by Lithuanian composer Justina Repečkaitė for a public concert. All other compositions of the programme were composed by the students of the Composition Department of the Faculty of Music, who are on Master and Doctoral studies.

The idea was to build a repertoire with a  fil rouge on pieces for string orchestra.

The student string orchestra ORFEJ will started with regular repetitions at the beginning of the second semester and then contacted Justina Repečkaitė for organizing a first video conference in mid March. This exchanges between students and composer were not only for the students who will perform, but for other students too (for example, students of the composition, music theory, strings, musicology etc.).

Here the complete concert with the composer attending it from the screen!