The three partner conservatoires (Belgrade, Birmingham and Palermo) will select each year, at least one composition from the recent (past 5 year) IRC catalogue and study it in preparation of a local public performance  by the end of the academic year.

Moreover, student ensembles from partner conservatoires will perform 3 concerts (one each) at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels (aka BOZAR). Each performance will showcase three works: one from the “historic” IRC catalogue (over 5 years back), one from the recent IRC catalogue (within the past 5 years) and one student composition written for this purpose.

The choice of compositions and development of performances will be steered by the Director of BOZAR MUSIC, through an initial one-day workshop and continued monitoring throughout the academic year.

BOZAR MUSIC’s Director will work with the students and academic staff to develop a compelling programme that conceptually links these different works from different periods, with an eye to the BOZAR audience. His participation represents a unique opportunity for students to learn how to create a concert programme, and constitutes a fruitful exchange between the music market and the educational institution preparing the professionals of tomorrow.

With this action, student musicians benefit from a prestigious professional experience and, for the ensembles performing at BOZAR, from the experience of performing internationally, supported by a strong communication campaign from the venue.
Student composers benefit from the experience of one of their works being performed internationally.


Concerts 2016

Rostrum+ concert at BOZAR – December 11 2016. More info


Rostrum+ concert in Palermo – October 8 2016 – Teatro Massimo. More info

Paradise Lost 2 – January 18, 2016 – Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham. More info

Rostrum+ concert – May 17 – FoM Grand Hall, Belgrade. More info