IRCEdu: Students Development Birmingham

In the framework of IRCEdu, a group of students from Thallein Ensemble (Birmingham) received the visit of the Music Director of the Center for fine arts in Brussels in order to prepare a concert that will be held in Brussels on 11 December 2016.

The meeting was about the choice of two works from the IRC archive keeping in mind also the venue and the public they are expected to play for. So the students are facing for the first time in their academic training the problems that can occurr to a director when building its own season; the comprimises that have to be accepted between aestetic, coherence, ticket sales and audiences.

A lot of discussions where held about characterization of the works, their technical requirements and also the level required to musicians in order to play them.

Moreover, the programme of the concert will be completed by a third work composed by one of the students. The work should communicate with the two chosen from the IRC archive and it will be selected after a call for scores address to the students of the composition department.