Windows on the World

Alongside the traditional Listenig Sessions, IMC organises a showcase session each year to present works by composers from countries where contemporary music has no or very limited radio programming.

The showcase session Windows on the World also features students’ compositions submitted by Conservatoires that are partners in the Rostrum+ project.

These sessions came about in response to strong interest expressed by IRC delegates for this type of session, as this music is extremely difficult to access outside of national boundaries. At the same time the aim is to promote the transnational circulation of works otherwise extremely difficult to access and give visibility to composers and students.

These works are presented Hors Concours.

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Chile                         René Silva

Lebanon                  Bushra El-Turk




Belgrade Faculty of Arts:                     Ana Krstajic – Fire Circle

Birmingham Conservatory:                Chris Cresswell – From Dreams, We Emerge




Georgia:         Nika Pasuri – Blooooooooooooom

Iran:                Golfam Khayam – Duochrome 

Syria:              Hassan Taha – The Dice Player


Belgrade Faculty of Arts:                             Marko Kraljević and Fairy, a Dirge for 3 players

Birmingham Conservatory:                        The Tempest Part 4

Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini:              Enrico Maria Riccardo Fallea  – Preludio



Egypt:                 Ahmed Madkour – The Cedar Forest

Indonesia:         Johanes “Mo’ong” Santoso Pribadi – Hidup Mati Hidup



Belgrade Faculty of Arts:        Milana Milošević – Two haiku

Birmingham Conservatory:    Rob Jones – The grass is Greener