Milana MIlošević

Milana MIlošević – Two haiku

Milana MIlošević (1992, Pančevo, Serbia) studies the fourth year of graduate studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, with Assistant Professor Svetlana Savić. Her music was performed at KoMA festivals (2013, 2014) in Belgrade. She received two First prizes for Trio for flute, viola and harp (International competition Donne in musica, Kragujevac, 2014) and for Elegy of the Warrior’s Wife for mezzo-soprano, violin and piano (Second Piano competition, Smederevo, 2015). Milana’s other important compositions are Brancusi’s angel-bird for soprano, violin and piano, Spirits of woods and tree landscapes for piano, Do you hear the bullet? for mixed choir, Duo for clarinet and violoncello, El Sueño for flute, Chameleon in the Jar for tenor saxophone, Two haiku for women’s choir and Variations for string orchestra.

Two haiku for women’s choir are inspired with Jorge Luis Borges’ poetry. First section of the piece is more complicated in division of voices, harmony and texture. These gestures represent a landscapes of dreams, unexpected images, foggy and confused emotions. The second section is simpler in form, voice leading and harmonic changes. It is as sharp and shining as the sward form the second Borges’ haiku, but also wrapped in a dreamy chord-clouds.

¿Es o no es
el sueño que olvidé
antes del alba?
La ociosa espada
sueña con sus batallas.
Otro es mi sueño.

This recording is made in september 2014, in the Electronic studio at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, by famous Serbian choir Collegium musicum and with conductor Dragana Jovanović. Producers were Djordje Petrović and Svetlana Savić.