Rostrum [ˈrɒstrəm] : a raised platform on which a person stands to make a public speech, receive an award or medal, play music, or conduct an orchestra.

Rostrum+ is a cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union which aims to rethink the ways in which contemporary music connects with audiences through radio network by exploring new strategies to develop audiences, promote new music, enhance the skills of radio professionals and inspire cooperation between musicians, higher music education institutions and broadcasting companies throughout Europe and beyond. The springboard for the project is the International Rostrum of Composers, an annual event uniting some 40 delegates of national broadcasting companies. Building upon this existing foundation, the project introduces new activities that connect with other operators of the genre, the end goal being the expansion and durable growth/sustaining of the contemporary music sector in Europe and beyond.

To this end, the International Music Council has entered into a partnership with 3 national public radios, 3 higher music education institutions, one European cultural network and 2 cultural venues to bring the IRC out of its boundaries. To achieve our objectives and address all of the target groups necessary for the action, the Rostrum+ project sets out a diverse set of activities:

Listen: a series of listening sessions for national public radio broadcasters

Live!: a series of 16 concerts

Create: co-commissions to 6 composers

Forum: a series of activities will be implemented to enhance the capacity of radio producers to deal with the new challenges, explore possibilities and develop solutions

Sound: a dedicated sound corner to let the audience discover contemporary music

Lab: an unprecedented activity in which radio producers will be invited to experiment innovative approaches to present contemporary compositions to the public and allow them to interact with it

Edu: academic training, live concerts and meetings with composers, professionals from radio and concert halls to develop a dynamic link with the musicians of tomorrow

The Rostrum+ Project is a powerful tool to implement the IMC Five Music Rights:

The right for all children and adults

to express themselves musically in all freedom
to learn musical languages and skills
to have access to musical involvement through participation, listening, creation, and information

The right for all musical artists

to develop their artistry and communicate through all media, with proper facilities at their disposal
to obtain just recognition and fair remuneration for their work