ORF Ö1 Zeit-Ton

Those who cover the contemporary in music never sleep because artists, after all, are often the ones who pick up and reflect on new societal and technological developments. This is precisely what makes reviewing and presenting contemporary music so interesting. One must always be alert. Where is something new emerging? At what point does the new become old? Which political and socio-musical dynamics are at work behind the changes?

Contemporary music as we, the “Zeit-Ton” hosts, conceive it today ranges from symphonic sound masses, broken beats, drones, free jazz, and sound installations of all kinds to strictly woven canonic compositions, to mention just a few examples of the many musical genres we set out to explore every day. We delve into the depths and examine the frayed edges in portraits of artists and labels, spotlighted themes, the midweek magazines, and the presentation of concert recordings and transmissions four times a week from Monday till Thursday for one hour starting at 11:03 p.m. In addition, two to three times a month we have “Zeit-Ton extended”, a three-hour long subprogram series (till 2:00 a.m.), in which we invite our guests to actively participate in the show. Moreover, several times a year we broadcast till the wee hours of the morning with our “Long Nights of New Music”. In all these programmes one of our main aims is always to actively support musicians living in Austria, but also to make connections between the Austrian and the international music scene.

Presented Works 2017

Winkler Gerhard E.            Anamorph IX UA (Frostblues zur Winterreise)

Presented Works 2016

Bernd Richard Deutsch            Okeanos. Konzert für Orgel und Orchester


Presented Works 2015

GEDIZLIOGLU Zeynep              Aksak

KLEMENT Katharina                  Drift

SANCHEZ-CHIONG Jorge         Salt Water