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Ajassa soi could be translated as playing/sounding in (our) time. Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Yle Radio 1 plays one hour of contemporary music every Wednesday night 10.05 pm. We play our own productions from Finnish festivals and contemporary music ensemble’s concerts and concerts offered by the EBU worldwide, plus offer composer profiles and interviews of mainly Finnish composers.
Yle Radio 1 offers contemporary music also through the Radio Symphony Orchestra’s concerts and in M-Studio, a program of our own studio productions, both of which often include music from the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Presented Works 2017

Hilli Sebastian            Reachings
Zinovjev Sauli            Batteria

Presented Works 2016

SUPPONEN Lauri                Ti-ti-uuu

VILAGI Adam                            Directions

Presented Works 2015

HAAPAMAKI Sampo            Conception