Radio Slovenia’s Channel 3 – Programme Ars is the cultural channel of Slovenian national radio. Its mission is to inform the public about culture and to broadcast literary and drama content as well as classical and jazz music. It is engaged in the production of radio plays and sound recordings of artistic texts, as well as making archive and concert recordings of classical music. Channel 3 is made up of four departments: the Culture Department, the Classical Music Department, the Drama Department and the Religious Department. Particular attention is devoted to the production and promotion of Slovenian artworks. Channel 3 regularly participates in EBU projects as well as international competitions and platforms (Prix Italia, Prix ex Equo, International Rostrum of Composers, Europa Cantat, Palma Ars Acustica, Concertino Praga, New Talent, Let the Peoples Sing). Channel 3 broadcasts 24 hours per day.

Presented Works 2017

Šenk Nina                        Flux (Ljubljana Concerto No. 1)
Kneževič Alenja Pivko   Stationary Wave


Presented Works 2016

Dominik Steklasa       576 MP (thy)

Larisa Vrhunc              The Rate of Decay

Simon Penšek            Now I am Become Death


Presented Works 2015

BONIN Matej        Cancro        Selected Work 2015 (Under 30)
ZURAJ Vito            Runaround