Radio Belgrade 3 (Treći program Radio Beograda) part of Radio-Television of Serbia national network, was founded in 1965 as a channel dedicated to contemporary art, culture, science and theoretical thinking. Today, beside the promotion of the contemporary music, Radio Belgrade 3 encourages the presentation of the literature, radio-drama and radiophonic art, developing potentials of the radio as the media of new arts.


As the media of high art and culture, this program was the birth place of different explorations and artistic experiments. In a broad filed of critique, science, theory and philosophy, the Radio Belgrade 3, is open to all artistic orientations, without any ideological or any other limitation, except for those broadly recognized, which derive from the respect of humans rights and the respect of an individual.

Music program of Radio Belgrade 3 is dedicated to new music, both Serbian and International, as well as to other genres of music making such as avant-garde jazz, world music, experimental electronic music, improvisation, singer-songwriter’s craft and opera. Throughout night waves (Radio Belgrade 3 is on air between 8 pm – 5 am) flow of programs and evening concerts overlap with shows dedicated to classical music canon. The EBU concerts and materials derrived from EBU exchange feature regularly as well as recordings made in Serbia proper.

Shows dedicated to new music occur almost every day a week, with different perspectives and points of view. Therefore, there is a program dedicated to 20th Century Music, Contemporary Serbian Music, Improvisational Music and Contemporary Music. The focus on prestigious  new music festivals and events is featured in the show „Musica Viva“, wchich also showcases works from International Rostrum of Composers regularly. In total, Radio Belgrade 3 has 40% of its program within range of contemporary and new music.  The program is broadcasted on FM waves as well as via internet stream of Radio-Television of Serbia, while podcasts are still in the experimental and introductory phase. 


Presented Works 2017

Radivojević Nemanja     Courants II: Unreality Of All Things
Savić Aleksandar             Planet IX


Presented Works 2016

Svetlana Maraš               Dirty Thoughts

Đorđe Marković              Sketches

Matija Anđelković          Baby Lissa: A Leisure Time Of An Infant Spirit

Presented Works 2015

BASARIC Tamara   Superionic Water

POPOVIC Branka    Lines and Circles

TRMCIC Vladimir   Longing