Radio 3 is a thematic channel focused on the cultural sphere, within the scope of classical music and avant-garde music (including live concerts), drama, literature, readings of classic works, history, economics, philosophy, religion, mythology, art and cinema. Information is presented with a critical and analytical slant. In the past, no commercials were broadcast on this channel. All the transmissions are produced by Radio Rai.

At night, at the end of the program schedule, the network connects with Rai Radio FD 5, a cable radio channel broadcasting classical music. The radio news headline is hosted in three main issues (at 8.45, 13.45 and 18.45) and other short-term issues in the course of the day.

In addition, the channel broadcasts the events of Euroradio, a network of European public radio stations committed to classical music, jazz and cultural events.

It broadcast one of the long-lived strips of classical music, “Concerto ogni sera” (A concert every evening), then “Concerto della sera” (The evening’s concert), which aired from 4 January 1953 to December 1977, around 19.15. Beforehand, from 1951 to 1953 aired “Concerto d’apertura” (Opening concert) at 20.30, which was replaced by “Spazio Tre”.

Presented works 2017

Cella Carmine-Emanuele      Random Forests
Montalti Vittorio                     Untitled n. 2

Presented Works 2016

BORZELLI Silvia               Further in

CACCIATORE Maurilio       Meccanica dei riflessi ovvero dell’amore (Valdrada)

SCIORTINO Orazio              Notturno a Fedora


Presented Works 2015

COSMI Gabriele                 Vardzia

PEROCCO Filippo             Detrito in Acquapietra